How tall was adam in the bible

how tall was adam in the bible: The Bible is silent regarding the height of Adam. This may feel like a strange content for a question, but there are some who presume that Adam and Eve were actually created important high than the average mortal moment. According to one proposition, Adam and Eve were about 15 bases altitudinous.… Read More »

भारत में कितने जिले हैं

संछेप में बता दें कि भारत में कुल जिलों की संख्या वर्ष 2022 में 738 है उनमें से 689 जिले भारत के 28 राज्यों में है और जो 49 जिले भारत के 9 केंद्र शासित प्रदेशों से जोड़े गए है। भारत में कितने जिले हैं भारत में कुल जिले: 738 भारत के 28 राज्य के जिला: 689 9 केंद्र शासित प्रदेश के जिला: 49… Read More »

What is the full form of bsf

The Border Security Force (BSF) is India’s border guarding organisation on its border with Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is one of the seven Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) of India, and was raised in the wake of the 1965 war on 1 December 1965, “for ensuring the security of the borders of India and for matters connected there with Border Security Force

What is the full form of ssc

what SSC stands for, the exams conducted under the commission, what are the SSC JE, GD, CPO, CHSL, MTS and SSC CGL full forms along with important information related to these posts, Almost important question has been covered in this post. Staff Selection Commission – Combined Graduate Level Examination Some questions which always come in exam