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Reasoning Questions Quiz for SSC CGL, CHSL, Railway 2020


Reasoning questions for ssc

1. What year did Volkswagen start production of the Golf?
Answer: 1974
2. What is the shade of a Tiffany lamp made of?
Answer: Stained glass
3. What is the most popular day for people to eat ice cream?
Answer: Sunday
4. What is the fear of tapeworms known as?
Answer: Taeniophobia
5. How many strings does a standard ukulele have?
Answer: 4
6. What distance did the Romans once define as a thousand paces?
Answer: A mile
7. What did Coleco name its 1983 home computer?
Answer: Adam
8. Often worn by young girls, ‘Mary Janes’ are what type of fashion item?
Answer: Shoes
9. What does Karaoke literally mean?
Answer: Empty Orchestra
10. What fruit is used in making ‘Creme de Cassis’?
Answer: Blackcurrants
11. In motor racing, what color is the caution flag?
Answer: Yellow
12. Which country were the 2014 Winter Olympic Games held in?
Answer: Russia
13. Which fish does a chef need a special license for to be able to prepare in Japan?
Answer: Fugu, or blowfish
14. Pediculophobia is the fear of what?
Answer: Lice
15. What does a Turk call ‘Turkish Delight’?
Answer: Lokum
16. Which is larger, a baseball or a softball?
Answer: A softball
17. Wayfarer sunglasses are produced by what eyeglass company?
Answer: Ray-Ban
18. What’s the most common ‘singing membranophone’?
Answer: The kazoo
19. Which University did Bill Gates drop out of to start his own company?
Answer: Harvard
20. How many balls are on a pool table at the start of a game?
Answer: 16
21. What fruits are fermented to make Perry?
Answer: Pears
22. What song contains the line ‘I feel stupid and contagious’?
Answer: Smells Like Teen Spirit
23. Which NBA team plays its home games at Madison Square Gardens?
Answer: New York Knicks
24. In a circus, a funambulist is a what?
Answer: Tightrope walker
25. What two snacks are mentioned in ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’?
Answer: Peanuts and Cracker Jack
26. Greek Feta cheese is typically made from the milk of which animal?
Answer: Sheep
27. What does the phrase Magna Cum Laude mean in English?
Answer: With Great Honor
28. What’s the triangular Asian pastry containing spiced meat?
Answer: Samosa
29. An ‘umiak’ is the larger version of what?
Answer: A kayak
30. Red Stripe beer originated from what island country?
Answer: Jamaica
31. What kind of lunch is the common British pub meal of a piece of Cheddar, crusty bread, and a pickle?
Answer: Ploughman’s
32. What animal shape are the chocolate pieces in Ben & Jerry’s flavor ‘Vermonty Python’?
Answer: Cows
33. What do you call filo pastry stuffed with chopped nuts and honey, or syrup?
Answer: Baklava
34. What’s the most common ‘singing membranophone’?
Answer: The kazoo
35. What vegetable is most commonly added to yogurt to make Indian ‘raita’?
Answer: Cucumber
36. The Acol system is used in which card game?
Answer: Bridge
37. What year was the Intel Pentium processor introduced?
Answer: 1993
38. What is the official name of the Michelin Man?
Answer: Bibendum
39. What sport’s lingo uses the term ‘Mulligan’?
Answer: Golf
40. What is a Kissing gourami?
Answer: Tropical fish
41. What were the first modern Olympic pole vaulters’ poles made of?
Answer: Bamboo
42. Which car design firm was responsible for the design of the Enzo Ferrari?
Answer: Pininfarina
43. What does ZIP as in ZIP code stand for?
Answer: Zone Improvement Project
44. What is the only book of the Bible comprised entirely of law?
Answer: Leviticus
45. What is the highest hand in straight poker?
Answer: A royal flush
46. How many rings are there on the Olympic flag?
Answer: Five
47. Which chess piece was originally called ‘the elephant’?
Answer: The bishop
48. Where did Thomas Lipton open his first grocery store?
Answer: Glasgow, Scotland
49. ‘To swoon’ is to what?
Answer: Faint
50. How many home runs did Sammy Sosa hit the year of Mark McGwire’s record-breaking 70?
Answer: 66
51. What 2 letters in scrabble have the highest point value?
Answer: Q and Z
52. What organization was formed to replace ‘The League of Nations’?
Answer: United Nations
53. What is the name of Spain’s famous cold soup made mostly from tomatoes?
Answer: Gazpacho
54. What model was married to musician Mick Jagger?
Answer: Jerry Hall
55. What is a second full moon in a month called?
Answer: Blue moon
56. What country had, at one time, a female ‘Santa’ called La Befena?
Answer: Italy
57. What does ‘PT’ stand for in the names of Navy PT boats?
Answer: Patrol Torpedo
58. What was the first soft drink to be consumed in outer space?
Answer: Coca-Cola
59. What fast food chain offered a sandwich known as the ‘Big Montana’?
Answer: Arby’s
60. In what city is the Kentucky Derby held every year?
Answer: Louisville
61. Which empire gave the world the Pilsner?
Answer: The Austrian Empire
62. Ashtanga, Bikram, and Kundalini are all types of what?
Answer: Yoga
63. Capricorn is represented by what animal as its zodiacal symbol?
Answer: Goat
64. What does the McDonalds in New Delhi make their burgers with?
Answer: Mutton
65. What type of pasta’s name mean “little tongues” in Italian?
Answer: Linguini
66. What Asian country bans the importation and sale of chewing gum?
Answer: Singapore
67. What suspect in the standard game of Clue has the same name as a bird?
Answer: Mrs. Peacock
68. Which advocacy group was founded by Maggie Kuhn?
Answer: Gray Panthers
69. What basketball legend was born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor?
Answer: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
70. How many players are there on a standard soccer team on field?
Answer: 11
71. Sakhmet was the Egyptian god of what?
Answer: War and healing
72. What is the fear of mice known as?
Answer: Musophobia
73. Why was Mary Mallon famous in the early 1900s for her signature dessert of peaches and ice cream?
Answer: It gave people typhus
74. Emmental cheese originated in what country?
Answer: Switzerland
75. What do climbers rub on their hands for extra grip?
Answer: Chalk
76. What kind of fruit juice is used to mix a Polish Martini?
Answer: Apple
77. What company developed the first laser printer in the 1970s?
Answer: Xerox
78. What’s the alcohol in an Old Fashioned cocktail?
Answer: Whiskey
79. What is the claim to fame of Beacon Hill’s Bull & Finch Pub?
Answer: Its exterior was used for the bar in Cheers
80. What is the Christmas dinner of choice for families in Burgundy, France?
Answer: Turkey and chestnuts
81. What type of salad was invented by the owner of the Hollywood eatery the Brown Derby?
Answer: The Cobb Salad
82. What do climbers rub on their hands for extra grip?
Answer: Chalk
83. Nepetalactone is the active ingredient in what pet product?
Answer: Catnip
84. Who was hunted by Dutch physician Abraham van Helsing?
Answer: Count Dracula
85. What is the ‘waltzing Matilda’ in the title of that traditional Australian song?
Answer: A migrant worker’s bedroll
86. Which country were the 2014 Winter Olympic Games held in?
Answer: Russia
87. The Bunya Pine tree is native to which country?
Answer: Australia
88. Who was sued in 1999 by Rosa Parks after they used her name to title a hit song?
Answer: OutKast
89. What year did Cheez Whis debut on the market?
Answer: 1952
90. Who was Liverpool’s captain when they won their first European Cup final in 1977?
Answer: Emlyn Hughes
91. What toy company launched the Barbie doll in 1959?
Answer: Mattel Inc.
92. What US state includes the telephone area code 602?
Answer: Arizona
93. How many rings are there on the Olympic flag?
Answer: Five
94. In which year was the wearing of seat belts made compulsory in the UK?
Answer: 1983
95. What trademark is used in public relations to refer to phony grassroots campaigns?
Answer: AstroTurf
96. What type of animal is the Japanese monster, Gezora?
Answer: Cuttlefish
97. What year was the Amazon Kindle Fire first introduced?
Answer: 2011
98. Which French beer is also Melton Mowbray area code without the initial 0?
Answer: 1664
99. Who did Charles Barkley name as ‘the one player I’ll accept losing to, if I have to lose’?
Answer: Michael Jordan
100. What kind of dough is usually used to make an eclair?
Answer: Choux dough
101. Fax is short for which word?
Answer: Facsimile
102. What two-sport athlete didn’t speak in his early 1990’s Nike commercials because of his bad stutter?
Answer: Bo Jackson
103. What is the basic flavoring of Kahlua?
Answer: Coffee
104. The dish ‘rosti’ originated from which country?
Answer: Switzerland
105.What type of animal is the Japanese monster, Kamacuras?
Answer: Praying mantis
106. What was the nickname of restaurateur Dave Thomas’ second daughter?
Answer: Wendy
107. What is the name of the Princess Mario & Luigi have to rescue in the Super Mario Brothers Nintendo games?
Answer: Princess Toadstool/Peach
108. What airport did the first commercial Boeing 747 flight from JFK land at?
Answer: London, Heathrow
109. Which Italian won the 1998 Tour de France bicycle race?
Answer: Marco Pantani
110.What is the ‘NPC’ abbreviation short for to a video gamer?
Answer: Non-Player Character
111. At what age did tennis player Rafael Nadal turn professional?
Answer: 15
112. What two animals are the symbols of the US Democrats and Republicans?
Answer: Donkey and Elephant
113. What drink is a mixture of brandy, egg yolks and sugar?
Answer: Advocaat
114. Which floor of the Guinness Storehouse houses the Gravity Bar, where tourists can drink a pint of Guinness?
Answer: Seventh floor
115. What does UFC stand for?
Answer: Ultimate Fighting Championship
116. What flavor is Grand Marnier?
Answer: Orange
117. What is Santa’s name in Denmark?
Answer: Sinter Klaas
118. What part of a piano’s action permits the keys to be struck in quick repetition?
Answer: Escapement
119. Which Nintendo console was released after the N64 and before the Wii?
Answer: Gamecube
120. In the standard Monopoly game, how much money do you collect for finishing second in a beauty contest?
Answer: $10

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