50 Plus reasoning questions for quiz competition

By | June 4, 2020

Reasoning Questions and Answers – All India Exams

1. What two ingredients make a Black Velvet cocktail?
Answer: Champagne and stout
2. The Hugo Award is an award given in what field?
Answer: Science fiction
3. What is added to cognac and absinthe to make a Sazerac cocktail?
Answer: Sugar cube and Peychaud’s bitters
4. What are the two highest valued letters in Scrabble?
Answer: Q and Z
5. For what mysterious figure is the latch on the inside of some Boeing passenger jet doors named?
Answer: D. B. Cooper
6. Mean Joe Greene helped what team win four Super Bowls?
Answer: Pittsburgh Steelers
7. At bingo, which number is two fat ladies?
Answer: 88
8. Toxiphobia is a fear of what?
Answer: Being poisoned
9. Which bird is the national bird of Japan?
Answer: Green pheasant
10. What object is said to bring bad luck if it is broken?
Answer: Mirror
11. In archery, how many points are awarded for a bull’s-eye?
Answer: 10
12. Scoleciphobia is the fear of what?
Answer: Worms
13. The name ‘circus’ comes from what Greek word?
Answer: Kirkos
14. What does a cartographer do?
Answer: Makes maps
15. Which bird is the national bird of Denmark?
Answer: Mute swan
16. What is the name of the kneeling cushions in churches?
Answer: Hassock
17. The Mario villain ‘Wario’, made his first appearance in which Nintendo game?
Answer: Super Mario Land 2
18. What is Tiger Woods’ real first name?
Answer: Eldrick
19. What position was first held by Steve Allen?
Answer: Tonight Show host
20. Where was Budweiser first brewed?
Answer: St. Louis
21. How many squares on a side is a daily ‘New York Times’ crossword puzzle?
Answer: 15
22. Traditionally, what sign of the zodiac is ruled by Pluto?
Answer: Scorpio
23. How many years are in a semicentennial?
Answer: 50
24. How many strings are there on a standard violin?
Answer: 4
25. George Fox founded which religious group?
Answer: Quakers
26. What is the primary ingredient in Soy Sauce, besides water?
Answer: Wheat
27. What rank is the US Navy equivalent of the army’s five-star general?
Answer: Fleet Admiral
28. What is by far the best known product by Victorinox?
Answer: Swiss Army Knife
29. What video game got its name from a Japanese mistranslation of ‘King Kong’?
Answer: Donkey Kong
30. What is the literal translation of the word ‘tofu’?
Answer: Bean curd
31. What is better than scissors in the paper, stone, scissors game?
Answer: Stone
32. What does an NFL referee signal by stretching his arms out at his sides with his palms down?
Answer: Unsportsmanlike Conduct
33. Who invented basketball?
Answer: James Naismith
34. What is the more common name for an Apiarist?
Answer: Beekeeper
35. In the game of chess, which piece has the most freedom to move?
Answer: The queen
36. What country produces Angostura Bitters?
Answer: Trinidad and Tobago
37. What country produces Angostura Bitters?
Answer: Trinidad and Tobago
38. What former World Heavyweight Champion boxer was nicknamed ‘The Brown Bomber’?
Answer: Joe Louis
39. In a deck of Bicycle brand playing cards, what type of character is depicted riding a bicycle on the Joker card?
Answer: A king
40. In NATO’s phonetic alphabet, what is the letter ‘F’ referred to as?
Answer: Foxtrot
41. What common office supply item is named for the Asian ‘abaca’ fiber used to make them?
Answer: Manila envelopes
42. What is the first name of the drummer for the band Van Halen?
Answer: Alex
43. What style of beer is used to make a ‘Black Velvet’ cocktail?
Answer: Stout
44. By what nickname was boxer John L. Sullivan also known as?
Answer: The Boston Strong Boy
45. Which of Santa’s reindeer have names that mean ‘thunder’ and ‘lightning’ in German?
Answer: Donner and Blitzen
46. What does ‘green lumber’ mean to carpenters?
Answer: Lumber that is not yet dry
47. How many players are there on a water polo team?
Answer: Seven
48. What do Teal Pumpkins represent to Trick or Treaters?
Answer: Non-Food Treats
49. What year did Ferdinand Porsche and his team finish the design of the VW Beetle?
Answer: 1938
50. What is Sauerkraut?
Answer: Pickled Cabbage

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