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    1. Name of the first Atomic Submarine of India?
    2. What is the name of first British to visit India? 
    3. Name of the first election commissioner of India?
    4. Name of the first university of India?
    5. Where is India's First nuclear centre?

    Name of the first Chinese pilgrim to visit India?

    7. Name of first foreign recipient of Bharat Ratna?
    8. Where was the first Post Office opened in India?
    9. Name of the first deputy Prime Minister of India?
    10. Name of first Space Tourist of India?
    11. Name of the first Aircraft Carrier Indian Ship?
    12. Name of First Indian who reached south pole?
    13. Name of first Indian who won Billiards Trophy?
    14. Name of the First Indian Prime Minister who resigned from Office?
    15. First Indian recipient of Oscar Award?
    16. Name of the first Indian President to Die in office?
    17. Name of the First Indian Author to get the Anderson Award?
    18. Name of First Indian Missile?
    19. Name of first Indian Pilot?

    Name of the first Chief of Naval staff of India?

    21. Name of the first Indian to win Magsaysay Award?
    22. Name of first Indian to win Nobel Prize?
    23. First Scientist of India to get Nobel Prize in Economics?
    24. Name of the First Indian Submarine?
    25. Name of the first person to get Paramvir Chakra?
    26. First Indian to go into space?
    27. Name of first Indian to get Bharat Ratna Award?
    28. Name of first speaker of Lok Sabha?
    29. Name of first president of Indian National Congress ?
    30. First President of India ?
    31. Name of first Indian to get Jnanpeeth Award ?
    32. India's first woman president ?


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