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Today 20 Question and Answer Daily|interview questions and answers

1. What festival is held on the last Wednesday of august each year in Bunol, Spain?
Answer: La Tomatina

2.What is the fear of light flashes known as?
Answer: Selaphobia

3. What does the abbreviation DOS stand for in the operating system MS-DOS?
Answer: Disk Operating System

4. What is the more common name for an apiarist?
Answer: Beekeeper

5. How many squares are there on a Snakes and Ladders board?

6. What is your occupation if you are sometimes referred to as an apiarist?
Answer: Beekeeper

7. What does NaTO stand for?
Answer: North atlantic Treaty Organization

8. Who invented the method he called ‘rope-a-dope’?
Answer: Muhammad ali

9. What was the first mass produced game to use people as playing pieces?
Answer: Twister

10. What team won the 2011 NBa Championship?
Answer: Dallas Mavericks

11.Which NBa team plays its home games at Madison Square Gardens?
Answer: New York Knicks

12. What year did the US first host the Summer Olympic Games?
Answer: 1904

13. Under what name is Thomas Lanier Williams better known?
Answer: Tennessee Williams

14. What nationality was Johnny Weissmuller?
Answer: Hungarian

15. In which country did the cheese Emmental originate?
Answer: Switzerland

16. a Bloody Mary is a cocktail made with tomato juice and what type of alcohol?
Answer: Vodka

17. What does an onychophagist do?
Answer: Bite their nails

18. What is the point value of the outer bull’s eye on the dartboard?
Answer: 25 points

19. What soccer team won the Premier League in 2004?
Answer: arsenal FC

20. What is the thin layer of foam on top of an espresso called?
Answer: Crema

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