Top 15 Part Time Jobs In Navi Mumbai No Investment

By | March 22, 2021

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In the event that you are a homemaker or an understudy, a jobless youth, a resigned, or somebody needs additional pay to run their everyday costs, here are 15 best low maintenance occupations in Mumbai that should be possible from home, office, or any spot.

There is no venture for any of the low maintenance openings for work gave here.


15 Part Time Jobs In Navi Mumbai

1. Online Part Time Jobs

online jobs firmly suggest these low maintenance occupations for everybody whether he lives in Mumbai or some other city. All you require is a PC with a web association and essential information on English. There are numerous online openings for work accessible on the web however I suggest just not many of them which are completely explored.

We have dealt with many sites for quite a long time and subsequent to getting customary installments from a portion of the organizations, we can say that these organizations are genuine.

Simply click here for all the Online Jobs which are certified.

I am certain, you can procure between Rs.5000 to Rs.30000 from these online positions working low maintenance.


2. Expediting Jobs – Real Estate or Insurance Agent

Mumbai is tied in with purchasing properties. The expense of a 1 BHK loft could be up to Rs 1Cr.real home specialist

On the off chance that you can be a dealer or a specialist, at that point you can bring in enough cash each month regardless of whether you get only one client a month.

Essentially you can sell protection intends to individuals living in the city. The entirety of this should be possible on a low maintenance premise.

You need to work only 4 to 5 hours at night.

I have seen the number of ladies in both these organizations are progressing admirably. There is no requirement for any office for this work.


3. Office Jobs

office jobs there are many low maintenance office occupations accessible in Mumbai for back-office work or PC related work. You can apply for this work and work low maintenance in Mumbai, Thane, or Navi Mumbai.

You have to ensure that your office is situated close to your place else you will squander 2-3 hours every day in driving.

You can check classifieds in paper-like Mumbai Mirror, Mid Day, HT, DNA, and so on for any low maintenance opening. You can likewise look through low maintenance occupations on destinations like Indeed, Quikr, Shine, and so forth


4. Local escort

visit guide tourists from everywhere over the nation come here to visit the city. On the off chance that you have great relational abilities, at that point, you can be a local escort.

Anyway, you must be local since you have to have a lot of information about Mumbai city and the tourist spots.


5. Taxi Driving

Despite the fact that you can be a taxi driver in some other city of the nation yet in Mumbai you make more in no driver

I have seen a large number of taxi driver related to Ola or Uber are making 50000-10000 every month in Mumbai.

So you can purchase a vehicle (new or old) and apply for Uber or Ola as a taxi driver. I will prescribe you to purchase a car (ideally Swift Desire) since they acquire more than other taxi drivers.


6. Demonstrating and Acting

the modeling you realize this is where each film is made. You can undoubtedly get a new line of work as an entertainer. I am not saying you will end up being a star yet a backup entertainer.

Essentially different advertisement organizations are likewise searching for models. You can be the one. Anyway, you need to stay in contact.


7. Back-Up Dancer, Makeup Artist Etc

backup dancer you can’t be an entertainer or a model then you can be a backup artist or a cosmetics craftsman. These are the positions identified with the film and media outlet.

There is a specialty for everyone. You can do it full time just as on low maintenance premises contingent on your work routine.


8. Advocate

CounselorAs you know, Mumbai city has an extremely quick life. There is a ton of stress since living in the city is very testing.

You help the individuals as an instructor. You can recuperate them or show them how to decrease pressure and be more joyful.

Anyway everybody can’t be an advocate however in the event that you need to be one, at that point go to the city.


9. Mentor – Arts, Dance, Music

TutorParents don’t have any time so they can’t show them and at some point can’t meet them since they are excessively occupied.

So they send their children to a mentor. The guide could be you. You can show kids expressions, dance, music or math.

You can without much of a stretch be a coach and discover a ton of children in the city.


10. Safety officer and Bouncer

bouncer securityCity has a lot of bars constantly. They need safety officers and bouncers. In the event that you have a solid body, at that point, you can be a bouncer.

Else you can be a safety officer working night shifts. I know some of you dislike do it yet the cash is extraordinary.


11. DJ

DJI am intense. DJs are in extraordinary interest for bars and discotheques as well as for capacities like relationships, parties, and different occasions.

In the event that you realize how to play music, at that point the city is the best for you. You can’t live in some other city and expect the same measure of cash as you do in Mumbai.


12. Individual Assistant

individual assistants this city dominant part of organizations are possessed by little and medium-size entrepreneurs. Normally they have 8 to 9 individuals working for them.

You can be an individual colleague or secretary without any problem. Organizations proprietors are continually searching for somebody solid who can help them constantly.


13. Soothsaying or Palmist

AstrologyYou will be amazed to know entrepreneurs little or large pay attention to crystal gazing very.

They do have faith in the entirety of this. In the event that you are a tarot card peruser or palmist or a soothsayer, at that point, you can get a few customers in this city.

You can help them with low maintenance premises.


14. Food Truck and Caterer

CatererLike some other metropolitan city on the planet Mumbai also has a food truck.

This is outstanding amongst other low maintenance occupations in Mumbai since you can open a food court or represent only an hour or two, sell your thing and return home.

Later on, you can turn into a food provider and take orders by telephone.


15. Wellness Trainer

wellness trainerCity has numerous exercise centers and wellness focus. A large portion of the social orders in Mumbai has an exercise center and a pool.

You generally get a new line of work as a coach on the off chance that you are one. You don’t need to be a coach for VIP yet you can be the one for the masses.


16. Conveyance Boy

conveyance boyDelivery young men are the same old thing to this city. Anyway, they are in incredible interest and you can without much of a stretch get a new line of work.

Several eateries, natural ways of life are searching for young men for conveying food things. You can undoubtedly land this position and cash is likewise awesome.


17. Occasion Manager

occasion manager’s last occupation in the rundown is an occasion the executives. You need to oversee occasions like relationships, parties, and so forth

The cash is incredible however you must have some insight as an occasion supervisor. There is no deficiency of this occupation in the city.

So these were the 15 best low maintenance occupations that you can discover in Mumbai. You can go for one of them as per your experience and enjoy it. Part Time Jobs

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