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General Awareness Questions and Answers for Competitive

General Awareness Questions and Answers for Competitive| General Knowledge 2020: GK Notes, Current & Static GK 2020

1. What is liquid clay used in pottery called?
Answer: Slip
2. ‘Cirque du Soleil’ hails from what country?
Answer: Canada
3. Which German firm produced the World War II plane known as the Condor?
Answer: Focke-Wulf
4. What company, founded by Jack Ma, shares its name with Arabian folktale hero?
Answer: Alibaba
5. How many hits does it take to sink the submarine in the game of ‘Battleship’?
Answer: 3
6. Macrophobia is the fear of what?
Answer: Long waits
7. What is a ‘major-domo’?
Answer: A chief steward
8. How many gallons does a tun barrel typically hold?
Answer: 252
9. What is known as the ‘white pearl of India’?
Answer: The Taj Mahal
10. Which of the four biblical Gospels was written by an ex-tax collector?
Answer: Matthew
11. What was boxer Arnold Raymond Cream’s nickname?
Answer: Jersey Joe
12. How many lanes does an Olympic swimming pool have?
Answer: Eight
13. What vegetable is most commonly added to yogurt to make Indian ‘raita’?
Answer: Cucumber
14. In the military, what does the abbreviation G.I. stand for?
Answer: Government Issue
15. Where did former NFL star Joe Montana play college football?
Answer: Notre Dame
16. Which pasta is rolled into an S-shape?
Answer: Casarecce
17. What ear did Mike Tyson bite in a 1997 fight dubbed ‘The Sound and the Fury’?
Answer: Evander Holyfield’s
18. What is the name of the weak alcoholic cider that is made from the solid remains of the pressed apples??
Answer: Ciderkin
19. In which direction do speed skaters race?
Answer: Counter clockwise
20. What wine barrel size contains 10 gallons?
Answer: Anker
21. What publication makes weather predictions based on a secret formula developed in 1792?
Answer: The Old Farmer’s Almanac
22. What type of pasta’s name mean “little tongues” in Italian?
Answer: Linguini
23. What toy was released in 1958 creating an instant craze among children?
Answer: The Hula Hoop
24. The zodiac sign ‘Taurus’ refers to what animal?
Answer: The bull
25. What is the name of a small barrel of beer of nine gallons capacity?
Answer: A firkin
26. What does a pedometer count?
Answer: Steps
27. In which decade was the first Vespa scooter manufactured in Italy?
Answer: 1940s
28. Which bird is the national bird of Israel?
Answer: Hoopoe
29. In the Swordquest game series, what were Earthworld’s rooms laid out in?
Answer: The Zodiac Signs
30. During World War II, what sex symbol was known as ‘The Sweater Girl’?
Answer: Lana Turner
31. Twin brothers Ross and Norris McWhirter are best known for creating what reference book?
Answer: Guinness Book of World Records
32. Rioja wine comes from which country?
Answer: Spain
33. In the professional audio industry, what does AES refer to?
Answer: Audio Engineering Society
34. What celebrity’s car was fixed and raced in the 2009 documentary “Love the Beast”
Answer: Eric Bana’s
35. In the game ‘Joust’, what animal was your mount?
Answer: An Ostritch
36. Which sport is played for the Corbillon cup?
Answer: Table Tennis
37. What is Lipton the world’s biggest-selling brand of?
Answer: Tea
38. In 1992, which US state began offering tourist info at 1-800-33-GUMBO?
Answer: Louisiana
39. What do you get when you mix white rum, lime juice, mint and sugar?
Answer: A Mojito
40. What is the name for the fingers of a fork?
Answer: Tines
41. What does a Collier do?
Answer: Makes charcoal
42. What college football championship game has been held in Miami since 1935?
Answer: Orange Bowl
43. What is the name of the six-pointed star which is the symbol of Judaism?
Answer: Star of David
44. What does NATO stand for?
Answer: North Atlantic Treaty Organization
45. In which sport would win the Federation Cup?
Answer: Women’s tennis
46. What boxer was nicknamed the ‘Manassa Mauler’?
Answer: Jack Dempsey
47. In the beer world, what does the abbreviation F.G. stand for?
Answer: Final Gravity
48. What is the ‘NPC’ abbreviation short for to a video gamer?
Answer: Non-Player Character
49. What widely consumed drug acts as a natural defence to protect the seeds of the coffee plant?
Answer: Caffeine
50. How many players are in the water for each team in a water polo game?
Answer: 7
51. In motor racing, what color is the caution flag?
Answer: Yellow
52. Which politician was given the nickname Tarzan?
Answer: Michael Heseltine
53. What fast food chain was founded by Glen Bell in 1962?
Answer: Taco Bell
54. Who was born Mark Feld?
Answer: Marc Bolan
55. A pike most resembles what kind of weapon?
Answer: Spear
56. Sinologists study which country?
Answer: China
57. What is a community of ants called?
Answer: Colony
58. In the world of sports, what does the abbreviation NCAA stand for?
Answer: National Collegiate Athletic Association
59. Who wrote the mIRC chat software?
Answer: Khaled Mardam-Bey
60. In the world of sports, what does the abbreviation NCAA stand for?
Answer: National Collegiate Athletic Association
61. What’s the traditional dish served at Wimbledon?
Answer: Strawberries and cream
62. What was the fabled city of gold that some 16th century Europeans believed existed in South America?
Answer: El Dorado
63. What chemical reaction during roasting is chiefly responsible for giving green coffee beans their flavor?
Answer: Maillard Reaction
64. What does a howdah sit atop?
Answer: An elephant
65. The Benz Patent-Motorwagen, widely regarded as the world’s first automobile, was first built in what year?
Answer: 1885
66. What word has Beyonce Knowles defined as ‘beautiful, bountiful and bounce-able’?
Answer: Bootylicious
67. What country celebrates its National Day on 14th July?
Answer: France
68. What company makes the ‘Playstation’ console?
Answer: Sony
69. What is the lowest ranking ace in bridge?
Answer: Clubs
70. A statue of Billy Bremner stands outside the ground of which football stadium?
Answer: Leeds United
71. Where might you drink Retsinawine?
Answer: Greece
72. The serial killer Larry Eyler was also known as what?
Answer: The Highway Killer/The Interstate Killer
73. How many tablespoons are in a cup?
Answer: 16
74. What number is at 12 o’clock on a dartboard?
Answer: 20
75. What game has the winner striking the loser’s wrist with two extended fingers?
Answer: Rock, Paper, Scissors
76. What number of Downing Street serves as the residence for the Prime Minister of the UK?
Answer: 10
78. What phrase appears on the ribbon in the bald eagle’s beak on a one-dollar bill?
Answer: E Pluribus Unum
79. What original animal mascot for Trix cereal was replaced by a rabbit in 1967?
Answer: Flamingo
80. Which car manufacturer’s name translates from Latin as ‘to roll’?
Answer: Volvo
81. What part of a sailor’s uniform can be used in an emergency as a flotation device?
Answer: The hat
82. How many standard bottles of wine are there in a Nebuchadnezzar?
Answer: 20 Bottles
83. In what country was actor Rick Fox born?
Answer: Canada
84. How many times are Mexican refried beans fried?
Answer: Once
85. What was the original brand of cereal whose mascot was Crazy Craving?
Answer: Honeycomb
86. What expression is used to describe a child who closely resembles a parent?
Answer: Chip off the old block
87. What nationality was the explorer Vitus Bering?
Answer: Danish
88. What competition was dreamed up by the eccentric ‘Chairman Kaga’?
Answer: Iron Chef
89. The zodiac sign ‘Capricorn’ refers to what animal?
Answer: The goat
90. The zodiac sign ‘Capricorn’ refers to what animal?
Answer: The goat
91. What is the diameter of a basketball hoop?
Answer: 18 inches
92. Which bird is the national bird of Argentina?
Answer: Rufous Hornero
93. How many dots are on a Pac-Man board?
Answer: 240
94. Including the end zones, how long is an NFL regulation football field?
Answer: 120 yards
95. What is the primary liquor by volume in a ‘Sex on the Beach’ cocktail?
Answer: Vodka
96. What does a ‘screever’ do on a sidewalk?
Answer: Draw
97. What year was Marmite first launched onto the market?
Answer: 1902
98. What nationality is tennis player Novak Djokovic?
Answer: Serbian
99. What ear did Mike Tyson bite in a 1997 fight dubbed ‘The Sound and the Fury’?
Answer: Evander Holyfield’s
100. Moroccan stews are cooked and served in a pot called what?
Answer: Tagine
101. What does an Apiarist do?
Answer: Keeps bees
102. After his death in a 1998 skiing accident, what famous song title was placed on Sonny Bono’s headstone?
Answer: The Beat Goes On
103. In which athletics event are competitors known as either ‘Spinners’ or ‘Shifters”?
Answer: Shot Putt
104. Who are the Mario Brothers usually trying to save?
Answer: Princess Peach
105. Who received a patent for the first electric razor in 1930?
Answer: Jacob Schick
106. What 2 letters in scrabble have the highest point value?
Answer: Q and Z
107. To determine the percentage of alcohol in a bottle of liquor, what is divided by two?
Answer: Proof
108. Mickey Mouse is known as what in Italy?
Answer: Topolino
109. What is the longest word that can be spelled using only the letters in the top row of a QWERTY keyboard?
Answer: Typewriter, peppertree, perpetuity, prerequire, proprietor, repertoire
110.What are the basic ingredients of beer?
Answer: Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast

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