100 Plus general knowledge questions and answers in english

By | June 5, 2020

General knowledge questions and answers

1. Which fruit can restore your health in Donkey Kong 64?
Answer: Watermelon
2. What does someone become after being canonized?
Answer: Saint
3. Which Commodore-produced computer came with 5 kB of static onboard memory?
Answer: VIC-20
4. What is the name of Spain’s famous cold soup made mostly from tomatoes?
Answer: Gazpacho
5. In the game of cricket which bird name means scoring no runs?
Answer: Duck
6. What airline announced its bankruptcy in January, 1991?
Answer: Eastern Airlines
7. What is the French name for a restaurant wine steward?
Answer: Sommelier
8. What were the first modern Olympic pole vaulters’ poles made of?
Answer: Bamboo
9. ‘Cardice’ is another term for what?
Answer: Dry ice
10. What’s the only Grand Slam tennis event still played on grass?
Answer: Wimbledon
11. How many colored squares are there on a standard Rubik’s cube?
Answer: 54
12. How many players are there in a standard men’s field lacrosse team?
Answer: Ten
13. What slang term for the stomach is the highest-scoring ailment in the game ‘Operation’?
Answer: The Breadbasket
14. In cocktail terminology, what does ‘neat’ mean?
Answer: A drink poured without water, ice or mixers
15. Creme de Cacao, cream, and cognac make up which type of cocktail?
Answer: Brandy Alexander
16. In what European country is the headquarters for the World Health Organization?
Answer: Switzerland
17. What US city and its surroundings is the basis for a standard US Monopoly board?
Answer: Atlantic City
18. In the bible Zacharias and Elizabeth were the parents of whom?
Answer: John The Baptist
19. What type of food is Lollo Rosso?
Answer: Lettuce
20. Of the 88 keys on a piano, how many are black?
Answer: 36
21. What kind of clay oven is used to make Indian dishes like naan and chicken tikka?
Answer: The tandoor
22. Kiwano is a type of what?
Answer: Fruit
23. Where was Budweiser first brewed?
Answer: St. Louis
24. The ‘de Havilland Comet IV’ was what?
Answer: A jet plane
25. What color jersey does the overall leader of the Tour de France wear?
Answer: Yellow
26. At which sport was Hungarian Victor Barna World Champion 5 times?
Answer: Table Tennis
27. The sleeve insignia of a First Class Petty Officer in the US Navy is a spread eagle over how many chevrons?
Answer: Three
28. What is the official language of Austria?
Answer: German
29. Until 2008, what color was the center square on a standard Scrabble board?
Answer: Pink
30. What year did Barbie doll first appear on the market?
Answer: 1959
31. What are Roy W. Allen and Frank Wright famous for?
Answer: A&W root beer
32. What European car maker was purchased by VW in 1969?
Answer: Audi
33. What year was National Geographic magazine first published?
Answer: 1888
34. How many tablespoons are in a cup?
Answer: 16
35. What board game, set during World War II, is dubbed ‘A Game of High Adventure’?
Answer: Axis & Allies
36. What did Coleco name its 1983 home computer?
Answer: Adam
37. What 1996 Olympic event had two US squads playing each other for the gold medal?
Answer: Beach volleyball
38. How long, in yards, is an NFL football field?
Answer: 100
39. A pike most resembles what kind of weapon?
Answer: Spear
40. When was Coca-Cola first introduced?
Answer: 1886
41. What was the full name of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
Answer: Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon
42. What is Jimmy Carter’s middle name?
Answer: Earl
43. In pool, what color is the 1-ball?
Answer: Yellow
44. According to business studies, what is the most productive day of the work week?
Answer: Tuesday
45. By US law, exit signs in buildings must be one of what two colors?
Answer: Red or green
46. What was the name of Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee?
Answer: Bubbles
47. In the tech field, what does AMD stand for?
Answer: Advanced Micro Devices
48. When was the tire company, Michelin, founded?
Answer: 1889
49. What baseball team was known as the ‘Gashouse Gang’?
Answer: The St. Louis Cardinals
50. What word is used to describe the employees’ side of a casino table?
Answer: Pit
51. How many beans of coffee are needed to make an espresso?
Answer: 42
52. What yard line must a football team drive to, to reach the ‘red zone’?
Answer: The 20
53. What Australian snack is made from the yeast extract left over from making beer?
Answer: Vegemite
54. Shechita is the method of producing meat that is what?
Answer: Kosher
55. In motor racing, what color flag is used to communicate stopping of the racing session?
Answer: Red
56. What is the family name of the creator of Tobasco sauce?
Answer: McIllhenny
57. What is a ‘Nutty Buddy’?
Answer: An Ice Cream
58. Who led the NFL in rushing yards four out of five years from 1972 to 1976?
Answer: O.J. Simpson
59. What is the ‘Bishop’s Stone’?
Answer: Amethyst
60. What Poker hand comprises theree of a kind and a pair?
Answer: A full house
61. Which religious ceremony comes from the Greek word meaning ‘to dip’?
Answer: Baptism
62. What year was the first Amazon Kindle device introduced?
Answer: 2007
63. How much does it cost to purchase Boardwalk in the standard game of Monopoly?
Answer: $400
64. What safety-minded European automaker pioneered side airbags in the 1990’s?
Answer: Volvo
65. What color flag is waved to indicate ‘caution’ in auto racing?
Answer: Yellow
66. Bananas Foster originated in what city?
Answer: New Orleans
67. In the Bible, who did Matthias replace?
Answer: Judas Iscariot
68. Who tore up a picture of the Pope on US television in 1992?
Answer: Sinead O’Connor
69. Which country first used police dogs?
Answer: Belgium
70. How many points is the letter ‘k’ worth in a game of ‘scrabble’?
Answer: 5
71. What does a philologist study?
Answer: Languages
72. In the video game ‘Darksiders’, which of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse do you play?
Answer: War
73. Which type of restaurant popularized the use of conveyor belts?
Answer: Sushi Restaurants
74. The word alphabet comes from which 2 Greek letters?
Answer: Alpha and Beta
75. Poutine consists of gravy and cheese curds on top of what?
Answer: French fries
76. What is biltong?
Answer: Dried meat
77. The game ‘Cities: Skylines’ was developed by which Finnish video game company?
Answer: Colossal Order
78. What name is given to the line running across a snooker table?
Answer: Balk line
79. What degree did Brett Favre earn from the University of Southern Mississippi?
Answer: Teaching
80. How many singers are in a sextet?
Answer: 6
81. When was the Apple II computer introduced?
Answer: 1977
82. Whose street name during his days as a juvenile delinquent was ‘Detroit Red’?
Answer: Malcolm X
83. In what year was Gettysburg National Military Park founded?
Answer: 1895
84. The Obie Award is an award given in what field?
Answer: Off-Broadway theater
85. On what gold course would you find the three tricky holes called the ‘Amen Corner’?
Answer: Augusta National Gold Club
86. What does the beer widget do?
Answer: Manages the beer’s head
87. According to Toucan Sam, what should you always follow to find Froot Loops?
Answer: Your nose
88. What cartoon character is used by Owens-Corning in ads for its insulation products?
Answer: Pink Panther
89. What is a shuriken?
Answer: A throwing star
90. Who invented basketball?
Answer: James Naismith
91. Who was the first American team to join the National Hockey League, in 1924?
Answer: Boston Bruins
92. What day of the week is Mardi Gras?
Answer: Tuesday
93. What style of beer is used to make a ‘Black Velvet’ cocktail?
Answer: Stout
94. Who was New York Yankees’ first manager?
Answer: John McGraw
95. Angelo Sicilano better know as who?
Answer: Charles Atlas
96. Mile High Stadium in Denver was built in 1948 and was then known by what name?
Answer: Bears Stadium
97. Which car manufacturer produces the Clio?
Answer: Renault
98. What do the initials stand for in PGP digital encryption?
Answer: Pretty Good Privacy
99. What’s the name of Barbie Doll’s boyfriend?
Answer: Ken
100. In 1968 what company introduced the Sting-Ray Krate, a forerunner to the BMX?
Answer: Schwinn
101. How many players are in a Polo team?
Answer: 4
102. Which Biblical character wrestled an angel in Genesis 32?
Answer: Jacob
103. The use of astronomical phenomena to predict earthly and human events is called what?
Answer: Astrology
104. When was Vogue Magazine founded?
Answer: 1892
105. How many players are there in a standard baseball team?
Answer: Nine
106. When did boxer John L. Sullivan die?
Answer: 1918
107. ‘St. Vitus’s Dance’ is what?
Answer: A type of brain disorder
108. What US city gave birth to the Grasshopper cocktail?
Answer: New Orleans
109. What boxer is memorialized by a giant fist outside Detroit’s Renaissance Center?
Answer: Joe Louis
110. What designer invented the Rubik’s cube?
Answer: Erno Rubik
111. Which letter stands for the Roman number 50?
Answer: L
112. On the standard Monopoly board, what color are the Chance cards?
Answer: Orange
113. In what sport would you perform an Adolf?
Answer: Trampolining forward 3.5 twists
114. What was the first artificial flavouring?
Answer: Vanilla Essence
115. What do you get when you mix tequila, triple sec and lime juice?
Answer: A Margarita
116. What do the S, V, and P stand for in RSVP?
Answer: S’il vous plait
117. What song contains the line ‘I feel stupid and contagious’?
Answer: Smells Like Teen Spirit
118. What are the basic ingredients of beer?
Answer: Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast
119. How many bytes are there in a kilobyte?
Answer: 1024
120. In pool, what color is the 5-ball?

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